Dr. Natasha Hayden

Chiropractic Care and more

Chiropractic Care is a science-based, drug-free alternative that is effective in alleviating a number of conditions, including back and neck pain, headaches, to name a few.

As a holistic medicine model, we form a health treatment plan individually tailored to achieve your health and wellness goals.

When should you consult?

Regain mobility and function so you can do more of what you love.

Pregnancy & Postpartum


Neck & Back Pain

Infant Chiropractic

Prenatal & Pediatrics


Dr Natasha Hayden is passionate about helping our community discover just how good their bodies are designed to feel, so they can do more of what they love. Although Natasha focuses on pediatric and prenatal care, treatments of a variety of conditions are available for all individuals from birth and beyond.

Your health goals are within reach with the support of our team.

Low Force Chiropractic Care


See what our patients are saying!

Lilianne D.
Lilianne D.
Before seeing the chiropractor, I was having sciatic pain during my pregnancy. I couldn’t walk properly and sitting was too hard – I would normally sit 8 hours at work. After seeing Dr Natasha, the pain gradually went away….
Alex S.
Alex S.
I’m very glad I found Dr. Hayden. She is thoughtful, friendly, and professional. Above all, she has tailored her expertise to my specific needs and always follows up with helpful tips and exercises.
Emmy A.
Emmy A.
Dr. Natasha was my lifesaver! At 33 weeks my baby was breech and I had severe pelvis pain (also had this pain after my second child) so I looked for someone to use the Webster technique on me and encourage the baby to turn. I was unable to climb stairs, sit or stand for any period of time.
Katrina L.
Katrina L.
Before seeing the chiropractor, I was suffering from constant neck pain that left me feeling frustrated and uncomfortable. After seeing Dr Natasha, I experienced more mobility and relief from pain…

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