Natasha Hayden

Dr. Hayden is on MAtv!

Dr. Hayden was very excited to be featured on MAtv! ‘Around the block’ is a segment on the series Billboard Montreal. We were showcased in

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Whole30 Challenge

  Ah! It feels like spring in Montreal; and although I suspect it’s another ‘false’ one, it got me thinking about getting my bike –

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Posture at work

Did you know that sustained postures and repetitive tasks can be just as debilitating, over time, as more demanding physical labour? This is due to

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Stretch for SCM

Following chiropractic care and assisted muscle stretching, this is a simple stretch easily done at home to maintain the optimal length of the muscle. The

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Upper trapezuis

Stretch for Upper Trapezius

What is Upper Trapezuis The upper fibers are found to be tight in upper crossed syndrome, and thus require stretching, whereas the middle and lower

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