Portable tools to manage stress (and protect your immune system!)

We could not have predicted that we would close the clinic to all but the most urgent cases in March 2020. Before the clinic closed, we could already begin to see the impact of stress on the physical and mental wellness of our practice members.

Our response was to create a series of portable self-care tools with local health and wellness leaders that would allow community members to manage stress at home, and mitigate it’s devastating effects on immune, emotional, and physical health.

Thank you to all the participants for collaborating on this project. Self-care takes a community!


Our breathing is often disrupted during periods of stress, and can sometimes manifest as neck pain and headache.

Lauren Enright, doula, yoga, educator, joins us to show us breathing techniques that can be accessed, wherever you are!

You can connect with Lauren here.


Join us and Sylvia of SO Vibrant as we discuss how to find opportunities in your career and business when the unpredicted happens.

Book a coaching session online with Sylvia here.


Join us as Dr Vivianne Bentley, integrative psychologist provides portable practices to shift from a stress to a relaxation response, as stress can have a negative impact on our immune system.

Techniques include tapping (EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique), heartmath, and mindfulness.

Book online with Dr Vivianne here.


Tapping for trauma

HeartMath (quick coherence)

Did you know sleep can impact eating habits, stress, and much more?

Join us with Dr. Sheryl Guloy & Dr Arturo Santisteban as we discuss the importance of sleep hygiene for health. Somnolence+ brings sleep wellness to communities & organizations.

Learn more about Somnolence+ here.