Massage therapy for productivity – focus on what matters most

Guest post by Desiree Raquepo, Massage Therapist.

Since I started working my first job, I told myself: “I need to make the most of my youth”. And I did that by working as much as I possibly could. Although, my body could only take so much physical stress before it starts affecting my mood & performance.

When I’m not massaging, I’m either doing laundry, at the gym, editing images or videos, or visiting my grand-parents. I have a hard time accepting that I’m not doing anything productive with my time… But somewhere, somehow, I need to fit in some me-time, where relaxing doesn’t feel like a chore.  On some days, after a 6-8 hour shift, I’ll be completely drained; I wouldn’t want to go anywhere, I would just want to lay down and crawl into bed. Naturally, there would only be one thing on my mind: I need to get a massage! It’s impossible for me to go 2 months without a spa day or a massage without eventually feeling like I can’t breath. It becomes difficult for me to wake-up in the morning, I get more claustrophobic in the subway and I feel nauseous or motion sickness on the bus. Automatically, I become easily more irritable and impatient. The only thing that exists in that moment is the discomfort and fatigue I feel in my body.

As a physically active person, not only do I benefit from the relief of massage, but I also get an increased sense of the space I hold in my body. I become more aware of where I carry tension, what areas are more easily released and what tensions echo in different parts of my body. Of course it’s normal for therapists to see other therapists. Would you trust a doctor who is doubtful of consulting other doctors?

Practice what you preach!